Neymar Reveals Why He May Not Return to Brazil National Team After World Cup Heartbreak

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Football has been cruel to Neymar, tempting him for four years straight and then snatching the candy from his lips when it matters most. Neymar  had already established himself as a major star in Brazil by the time the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was about to begin, but he was left off of the final roster. He most likely avoided the field in 2014 when Germany defeated them 7-1 due to a back injury. After recovering from a serious ankle injury, Neymar wasn’t performing at his peak during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. His entire future was centred around this competition.

Neymar being consoled by teammates after Croatia ousted Brazil from the World Cup (Getty)

Before Croatia’s equalizer, he appeared to be finally in the driver’s seat of destiny as Brazil’s storyline portrayed him as its hero with a record-breaking, heart-stopping goal. But as Neymar’s visage read aloud another depressing poem about his passing, ghosts from the past suddenly materialized. This time, football was harsh to Neymar; he wasn’t even allowed to score on his penalty during the series. This time, none of it was his fault despite his habit of accepting responsibility for his country’s misfortunes. Neymar fulfilled the task, but football can be a fickle sport.

Neymar gave a press conference and hinted that he would leave his position before Tite made his announcement. Similar to how Messi felt when Argentina lost to Chile in the Copa America final. Leo had just endured the heartache of losing two consecutive finals after the World Cup. The only distinction is that if he announces his choice, Neymar might decide against returning. He couldn’t think straight just now since he was so upset.  

For over a decade, Neymar’s skill has been subjected to much pressure from Brazilians, who are obsessed with equating him with the greatest football legends their nation has ever produced. Neymar may be reaching his breaking point because of this rejection from his own people. He spoke bluntly to the media following the game, saying:

“There is a lot to think about now. I don’t want to say anything with a hot head. I want to take this time to think about what is good for me, what is good for the national team. I don’t close the doors, I also don’t want to say 100% that I’m going to be back.”   

Neymar admitted: “Honestly, I do not know. I think talking now is bad because of the heat of the moment. Maybe I’m not thinking straight.

“To say this is the end would be rushing myself, but I don’t guarantee anything either. Let’s see what happens going forward.

“I want to take this time to think about it, think about what I want for myself. I will not close the door to playing with Brazil, nor do I say 100 per cent that I’ll come back.

“I need to think a bit more about this, about what is the right thing for me and for the national team.”

Pele Urges Neymar to Keep Playing for Brazil

Legendary Brazilian striker wants Neymar to remain committed to the Brazilian squad (CNN)

Neymar’s future on the national team is uncertain after Brazil’s quarterfinal World Cup loss to Croatia on Friday.

The 30-year-old stated he was “psychologically destroyed” when Brazil was eliminated from the tournament. He shared the top spot on Brazil’s all-time goalscoring rankings with his goal in the encounter.

 Even though pre-tournament reports claimed that Qatar would be his final World Cup, Neymar was guarded when asked about his future with his country in the immediate aftermath of Friday’s game.

“I am not closing any doors to the national team, but I am also not 100% certain that I will return.”

Pele was the player who Neymar tied for the most goals scored for Brazil. The legendary footballer, who recently experienced a health scare, didn’t waste any time in pleading with Neymar to continue representing his nation. Pele urged Neymar to continue inspiring Brazil in a message on Instagram.

“You know, as I do, that no number is greater than the joy of representing our country. I’m 82 years old, and after all this time, I hope I’ve inspired you in some way to get this far. Your legacy is far from over. Keep inspiring us. I will continue punching the air with happiness with every goal you score, as I have done in every game I’ve seen you on the pitch.”

After the game, Pele, fighting intestinal cancer and watching the tournament in the hospital, paid respect to Neymar.

The 82-year-old thanked Neymar for matching his Brazil record in an emotional Instagram post.

He stated in his writing: “I saw you mature, I supported you every day, and now I can finally congratulate you on matching the Brazilian National Team’s total of goals that I have scored. We are both aware that it is much more than a number.

“As athletes, inspiring others is our first responsibility. Encourage those who are pursuing careers in the field today, as well as the upcoming generations and, most importantly, all fans of our sport.

“Unfortunately, the day is not the happiest for us, but you will always be the source of inspiration that many aspire to become. I’ve learned as time goes by the more our legacy grows.”

He added: “Keep inspiring us all I will continue to punch the air of happiness with every goal you score, as I did in every match I saw you on the field.”

Pele scored 77 goals in 92 games for Brazil, while Neymar has the same tally from 124 caps.

Women’s captain Marta is Brazil’s all-time record scorer with 115 goals.




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