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How Sergio Aguero Was Stopped From Meeting Messi the Argentina World Cup Squad

by: AugustineMbam


Former Argentina striker Sergio Aguero played for his country at the 2018 World Cup, but the former Manchester City star has been unable to visit this year’s squad in Qatar.

Sergio Aguero is at odds with the Argentine FA after being denied access to Lionel Scaloni’s team at their World Cup training facility.

Aguero, 34, with 101 international appearances to his name, has flown into Qatar to support Lionel Messi and company. He was shocked when informed that the proper accreditation could not be arranged in time for the Manchester City legend to wish Lionel Scaloni’s team luck before their match against Saudi Arabia. And when he was subsequently asked to spend some time with Spain’s team, his frustration turned to anger.

Sergio Aguero on the plane with the Brazilian squad

Aguero said: “I haven’t seen the national team yet. Hey, let’s see, but everything is kind of weird. Supposedly you have to have a credential to pass through. It sounds strange to me that it takes three or four days to arrange.

“I asked and was told the decision has come from above – but I see there are others who have been allowed in. It’s strange that they can’t give me the right credentials quickly.

“I’ve been in the national team and know they make a credential for you quickly. What do I know? I’m not going to bother. I’m going to wait for everything to finish.

“I wanted to go earlier, to wish them luck. The situation is rare. I’ve never done anyone wrong. I’ve always behaved well. Maybe there are people who don’t like being told bad things.

“It annoys me that others arrive the same day of their trip and suddenly they are in there. I sent a good luck message. If they don’t want me to go, it’s all good, but tell me to my face.”

Aguero was with Barcelona when he was informed last year that he would have to retire after being diagnosed with a heart condition. Aguero played for Atletico Madrid before spending ten fruitful years in Manchester.

When he learned that Aguero had traveled from South America to watch the tournament, Luis Enrique shocked him by sending him an invitation to visit their training camp.

In the clip shared to his social media accounts, the 34-year-old looked uncomfortable on a flight where any possibility of sleep would have been impossible.

He is seen pulling a face and scratching his head as the euphoric Brazilian fans enjoy themselves – with the sound of drums playing in the background.

Aguero will be hoping that his flight was not a sign of what’s to come, with Brazil favorites to win the World Cup.

Argentina is also up there as one of the favorites, and if both teams progress through the tournament as expected, they could meet in a titanic semi-final clash.

Earlier this year, Aguero revealed that he was invited to be part of the coaching staff for the Argentina team. 

However, he decided to turn down the offer and told ESPN that he was going to Qatar as a fan.

He said: ‘The invitation to be part of Argentina staff was on the table. I spoke with Chiqui [Claudio Tapia, Argentina Football Association president] and I was clear with him about my goal to enjoy my time. I’m going to Qatar, but as a fan.

‘I have a great relationship with everyone from the national team but I don’t see myself in the coaching staff and with the players on a day-to-day basis. They are asking for a role that isn’t for me right now.

‘I had a talk with [Lionel Messi]. He and Lionel Scaloni (Argentina’s manager) gave me an idea of what they wanted from me.

I asked them for some time to think about it and then told Chiqui that I wasn’t ready for that. I will be available for any event related to the Argentina national team as an image or an ambassador but I don’t want a day-to-day responsibility with the team.’

“What does it look like if I go to Spain before I have even been to see my teammates?” asked Aguero, Messi’s roommate from youth to senior level. I’m first waiting for a call from the AFA to get some information.

Aguero, who played in Argentina’s last three World Cups, retired last year due to a heart condition.




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